January 16, 2007

Whose dream?

A Dream : knowing a foreign language without understanding it : to perceive the Difference in it, without this Difference being ever caught up and flattened by the superficial sociality of language, by communication or habit… to learn the systematic of unseizability ; to resolve our reality under the influence of another organisation, another syntax ; to discover unheard positions of the subject in its expression… in other words to descend in the untranslatable and feel its vibration… until the whole Occident inside us starts to waver and together with it the right of the father tongue, this language that we inherited from our fathers and which makes us again the fathers and owners of a culture, which History metamorphoses into nature.

This was Roland Barthes' fantasma of giving the Others a place, as he was encountering Japan.

Another Roland, tells you an epic song of the 11th century, explodes his brain while blowing in his horn as he encountered the Others he would only fear.

Now you have teeth and tongue. What the hell can they do? They would let the Others blow through them, as a first step. A new epos ?


out of order