March 10, 2007

Egyptian blogosphere + Kareem + TH

The Cairo Talking Heads Project has been inspired by the Egyptian blogosphere from its very beginning. Many of the activist bloggers are reporting about the corrupt political system and sometimes get arrested and beaten during demonstrations.
Karim Amar is an Egyptian blogger who has been arrested and sentenced to four years of jail because of his critical writings and position.
This is a scandalous case of repression here in Egypt, among 1000.
Everybody should sign the petition.
To be aware of the complexity of the affair and learn more about the Egyptian activists' blogosphere, check the following links:

Accordingly to the Talking Head principle here is our contribution.This a sample of the post that Kareem published on the 23th October 2005 and that led him into jail. (see the english translation of karim's whole post HERE)


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