March 11, 2007

Abdul's comment on Talking Heads

Considering your blog, I think it’s a good idea to give people the possibility to make their own mix of the different sounds of Cairo. Hearing your speech imitations I only recognize some words. In the contrary to Ash's opinion, I think that you were right to use the file which speaks about this Arabic man who loves Swedish blond girls because that’s true that a lot of men here think about sexual things and about making love with blond girls.
There is something beautifull in this idea that I can’t express. I think you mean to transfer the human beeing’s feelings. Like if someone would like to talk to the others, to communicate. During this process you move to the position of the other and the other takes your position, it’s a kind of exchange of positions… the great idea : How to accept the other ? How to adapt to the other ? this is a good starting point. The sentences that you are repeating are almost all incorrect, but what matters is the feeling, you can feel some words that I say and that touches you, so this is perfect. My only objection is why did you choose Teeth and Tongue ? To me those words mean the language itself.


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